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DGSC Service

ADR – IMDG Code RID Consultancy Service

Trainings being needed are provided by professional teams to be able to fulfill the ADR provisions completely including all process and related staff conditions in this process from loading of goods to moment of delivery.


Analysis and reporting operation of all products included in the scope of DGSC

Establishing and realizing of integrated management system of Dangerous Goods
Security plans for the company related to transport of Dangerous Goods
Hazard analyses

Legal Regulations

Follow of all legal requirements

Follow of legal requirements
The exemption related to dangerous goods and situations to be given specific permission
Routes to be followed for vehicles in traffic and parking places / parking rules
Specific rules for transport of dangerous goods.

Information & Announcements

  • Who is the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor?

    DGSA is the authorized real person who will be gotten service from himself/herself or will be employed with the aim of lending assistance to firms within the scope of relevant legislation provisions and international agreements that we become a party safely in order that firms which carry, dispatch, package, load, fill and unload dangerous goods transact without damaging human health, environment and other living beings.

  • Who Does the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor Provide Service?

    Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors provide service to establishments that transport dangerous goods and trade, dispatch, package, load, fill and unload goods in the amount of net fifty tons and over within one calendar year and to transportation establishments that have total bearing vehicle capacity of fifty tons and over. In addition, regardless of the quantity, they also provide service to establishments involved in dangerous goods whose their bearing category is zero according to table in ADR section and to establishments that transport, dispatch, package, load and fill dangerous goods.

  • What is ADR?

    ADR (European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) is an instruction that ensures to be transported dangerous goods without damaging human health and environment by public road in a safe and orderly manner. This instruction also sets out the responsibility, liability and working conditions of the senders, buyers, fillers, loaders, unloaders, packagers, transporters who take part in transportation activity and of operators and drivers of all kinds of vehicles carrying dangerous goods.